Now is the time to order your VBS or summer fun programs. You can find them HERE. Most of them include options for children and youth as well as adults. All of them are downloadable and re-useable within your congregation so you can save them for another year or another group. 

Planning ahead to the fall? Thinking about ways to grow your church? 

Check out these programs:

OPEN DOORS: Inviting Families to Church

OPEN DOORS is a plan, a process, events and everything you need to help your congregation become inviters. You'll learn how to use the four key entry points to invite families to your church. 

Inviting Grace: Gentle Evangelism and Radical Hospitality

This multi-faceted compilation of resources leads your congregation in exploring evangelism, moving beyond unhelpful preconceptions and allowing participants to embrace a definition and practice of sharing the Good News that is authentic to who they are.  Inviting Grace utilizes parish meetings, study groups, formation classes, workshops and retreats as tools for moving your congregation toward being a more open, inviting and welcoming community. This resources includes: an evangelism retreat, a leadership retreat to develop an evangelism charter, three adult education programs and other program elements that can be used in multiple ways.

New Growth in God's Garden (e-Book)

New Growth in God's Garden combines theological reflection on mutual ministry with practical helps for congregational leaders. This book is chock-full of ways you can transform your congregation by expanding the ministry team. introduces you to simple processes to encourage dialogue, resources to enhance participation and ideas that can transform the life of even the smallest congregation. Having served as pairsh priest, diocesan staff member and consultant, she has experience with a wide range of congregations. Designed for small churches -- but even large congregations will find a ton of useful ideas in this book.

To help churches "restart" after COVID, we are offering our Premium Membership at reduced prices. You get access to almost 100 children, youth and adult resources for one low, annual fee. Check it out before you order an individual item. Also available as a diocesan membership.

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