Memberships are an annual subscription fee that provides a license to the congregation, school or judicatory (diocese, synod, etc) to reproduce and use the program during that year. They are for our larger, multi-year programs.

Membership fees are based on the number of people (including children and youth) in worship on an average weekend, which enables us to provide reasonably-priced resources to even the smallest congregations. Many congregations find that they pay about 25-50% of what they would pay for a traditional print curriculum.

Members also value being part of a larger community of churches engaged in a shared ministry. Members may contribute materials and seek support from staff and other members. Some churches chose to collaborate in training leaders or bringing participants together for shared events.

Memberships are one way to access our materials, but many of our materials can also be purchased as individual resources, without a membership.

When your membership expires, you either need to re-order the program or stop using the program and destroy all files and paper copies of the materials. This is to prevent a future parishioner from inadvertently using the materials at a later date and thus putting your church in copyright violation. You can re-order the program by signing up for a re-occuring order when you check out or by re-ordering when you get the reminder email. If you sign up for re-occuring order, you will get a notice that lets you opt out or change your information. 

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