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About LeaderResources

LeaderResources was founded in 1994 by the Rev. Canon Linda L. Grenz. Linda previously served as the staff person for adult education, leadership and lay ministry development for the Episcopal Church. When the national church eliminated that office, Linda took the work and consultants and established LeaderResources as her primary ministry as a priest of the church.

Linda’s vision was to create a self-sustaining resource development system that would serve the church. She saw the value of learning communities—the concept that both individuals and the group itself could learn from each other and their shared experience. She envisioned gathering the best resources and sharing them with others. She understood that this would best be accomplished by publishing and distributing resource electronically -- something that has now become common.

Inherent in Linda’s initial vision were the concepts of collaboration and transformation. She wanted resources that would not focus on conveying information but rather would focus on the collaborative process. She also looked for programs that created an environment where people could be transformed by God and/or where the group (or congregation’s) way of being would be transformed. The collaborative process of resource creation and distribution as well as the educational process in the resources were all designed to accomplish this. The consulting and training services support this same vision. More recently, LeaderResources has moved from just licensing resource materials individually to congregations and dioceses to offering membership programs that emphasize the “belonging” and participation aspect. It also enables congregations access to a wide range of products for a single annual membership fee.

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