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I Believe: Confirmation for the 21st Century

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This two-year confirmation program provides everything you need to guide a group of young people towards affirming their commitment to Christ and the Church.
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This two-year confirmation program provides everything you need to guide a group of young people towards affirming their commitment to Christ and the Church. It combines classroom teaching with opportunities to discover and encounter Christ in their lives and the lives of others. It includes weekend retreats, community service, mentoring, a pilgrimage experience and lay ministry "internships." This curriculum can also be used as a youth ministry program. Developed for the Episcopal Church but easily adapted for mainline denominations. 


    Opening Mini-retreat –- The Journey Begins

Section A: God’s act of creation 
The Story of Creation
God’s Act of Creation
    Finding a sponsor or mentor

Section B: Human disobedience
Adam and Eve in the Garden 
A Rainbow in the Clouds 
The Tower of Babel

Section C: God’s repeated call to return
God Calls to his People
Abraham and Isaac on Mount Moriah 
Jacob at Bethel
The Story of Joseph
Moses and the Burning Bush
The Call of Samuel

Section D: God comes into the world in Jesus
John the Baptist in the Wilderness
The Annunciation Story
The Birth of Jesus
John's Gospel
   Retreat--Working on a relationship with God

Section E: God forgives us in Jesus
Jesus Enters Jerusalem 
The New Commandment 
The Lords Supper
Jesus dies on the Cross

Section F: God’s victory over death 
Raised from the Dead
The Road to Emmaus
Jesus appears by the Sea of Galilee
Jesus’ Great Commission 
    Community service project

Section G: God’s ongoing gift of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit in our lives
The Day of Pentecost
    Lay Ministry Internships

    Review – The Journey Continues 

Section 2A: Called to Believe
Jesus Encounters Nicodemus 
The Women At The Well
The Invalid At The Well
Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Section 2B: A life of Worship
Meeting Jesus In Worship
More Of Jesus’ Teaching On Prayer
Jesus’ Baptism
The Feeding The Multitude: The Eucharist 2B6 Sacramental Rites
The Ten Commandments Part 1
    Optional Retreat

Section 2C: Loving My Neighbor As Myself 
The Ten Commandments (2) 
Jesus’ Summarizes The Law 
The Good Samaritan
The Story of Judgment
James And John Before Jesus – Last Of All, Servant Of All.
    Optional Service Project

Section 2D: Life In The Body Of Christ 
Re-Presenting Jesus
Cornelius – A Mission For All People
Paul And The Missionary Church
Perpetua – a Global Message
St. Francis And Clare – Reclaiming The Core Church 
Martin Luther – the Reformer in All of Us
  Optional – A Gathering of Saints

Section 2E: Growing In Grace
In Relationship with God
Abundant Life
Freedom in Christ: Spiritual Gifts:
God Calls Us Home
Confirmation Part I: Equipped for Life.
Confirmation Part II Commissioned And Sent 

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