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Bible Basics: Lessons for Life

Bible Basics: Lessons for Life

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Downloadable PDF files with a reproduction and use license for a single church
There's a renewed emphasis on the Bible today--people want to know what's in the Bible. But they want more than facts. They want to understand the content and key point--and they want to know how the Bible connects with their lives. Bible Basics is designed to help you explore the Bible in a simple and yet significant way.

Eight e-books lead you through each and every book of the Bible. Simple activities make the facts, stories and significance of each book clear to children, youth and adults. While most will use this resource with elementary school children of a reading age, the content sections and even some of the activities can be used with all ages. And it makes a great intergenerational resource. Use this resource as Sunday School, Vacation Bible School or Winter Camp (essentially VBS for the week after Christmas) curriculum, Summer Church (nothing for children in the summer means families don't come to church!), after-school programs, Day Schools, Camps and more!

The first book provides a great overview of the Bible including chapters on:
    • What is the Bible?
    • The Old Testament
    • The New Testament
    • Producing the Bible
    • Using the Bible
    • Studying the Bible
    • Sharing the Bible
The other books provide an introduction to each book of the Bible along with five lessons:
    • A review of the books of the Bible and where this one fits into the sequence
    • A project to provide basic information about the book
    • An activity related to key people and stories of the book
    • A design to discover the message of the book's key verse
    • An exercise to emphasize the book's importance for God's people today
Bible Basics is the perfect addition to any Sunday School teacher, youth leader or Bible study group leader's kit bag of tools you can use with any curriculum or program. The recommended format is to set up Learning Centers (which is an earlier version of the Rotation Workshop Model). That makes it easy for small churches where you can set up five learning center for each book of the Bible and let everyone wander through them for a month and then move on to the next book of the Bible. 

Want even more? 
A companion program, FaithBook Connection, takes Bible Basics to the next level--giving you a range of creative resources to make the Bible the heart of your congregation. You'll find ideas and several programs for children, youth, adult and intergenerational groups. Check it out HERE.

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