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Children's Ministry Membership

Price varies by size of congregation
A bundle of children's ministry curriculums and resources providing many options to choose from.
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NOTE: Downloadable PDF files with a reproduction and use license for a single church
Feature: Requires annual renewal of membership for continued use.

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Children's Ministry (CCM) provides everything you need to create, sustain or expand an exciting and effective children's ministry program. For one low membership fee, you get a year's access to dozens of programs and other material that you can use, combine or modify to create the perfect resources for the unique needs of your congregation.

Here's some of the programs you'll find in the Children's Ministry Membership:

WorkshopCycles --- 4-6 week units based on Bible stories or concepts
Godly Journey --- explore adventures of early church, Paul, and the spread of Christianity (middle school or intergenerational)
Catechism Curriculum --- 18 weekly lesson plans based on the Episcopal Catechism (children, youth and adults)
Bible Basics --- A simple book-by-book overview of the entire Bible using five rotation workshops
Open Doors --- Use different entry points during the year to invite and engage new families
The Peaceable Kingdom--- using Dr. Seuss and other stories to discuss bullying
PIlgrimage Seeking the Kingdom of God -- Take your VBS on a Medieval Pilgrimage
Second Pilgrimage: Still Seeking the Kingdom of God -- Journey to distant sites to explore the lives of biblical and historical people of faith
Wizards & Wonders --- Harry Potter stories used to teach Bible truths
Dare to be Different --- based on A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
Aslan is on the Move! --- Visit Narnia and learn about love, reconciliation and sacrifice
Wild Willy & the Prodigal Son --- use Willy Wonka's story to examine character traits
Praying all the Time --- classic children's literature helps us experience different prayer methods
Live it! --- Explore a different word/concept each month during meals or other family times
Children in the Pew --- A brochure to help parents effectively worship with their children
Seasonal Extras --- Jellybean prayer, Lent Pretzels, Lent Poems

Do This in Remembrance --- Communion class for young children & their parents
What is Worship? (part of WorkshopCycles) --- how and why we gather together to worship God
Marked as Christ's Own Forever (part of WorkshopCycles) --- 4-6 week unit on Baptism
From Caterpillar to Cocoon to Butterfly E-Book - Uses the life cycle of a butterfly for the process of spiritual growth during Lent
God's Family Tree E-Book --- Using different tree imagery from scripture to experience Lent/Easter
Fruit of the Spirit E-Book --- Using the well-known scripture from Galatians to explore Pentecost
Joy to the World E-Book -- Explore Christmas traditions from around the world
Celebrating Seasons E-Book -- Sessions and activites for every season
Let it Shine! --- Intergenerational Epiphany resource using the Authority of Generations
No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant & OMG Christmas Pageant --- help make your Advent less hectic, more holy!
Seasonal Extras --- Jellybean prayer, Lent Pretzels, Burning the Palms, Lent Poems
When Did We See You? --- 60+ activities for older children to see Jesus through helping others
Helping Hands --- program for children (K-5) to help raise awareness and funds for Haiti relief
Missions -- 52 techniques to engage children in Christ's call to mission

Classroom Management -- Tips to help teachers manage their classroom
Teacher Training Manual -- Basics for new and experienced teachers
Top 10 Reasons Why Children Should Be in Church -- a poster


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