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    This is a list of all children's ministry programs (or just scroll down to see the entire list). Use the subcategories to narrow the list to a specific type of resource.
  • Rotation Workshop Curriculum
    Popular rotation workshop model Sunday School with seven workshops per topic; includes individual units and subscription membership
  • Traditional Sunday School
    Teacher and Student Manuals for a traditional Sunday School curriculum that covers the entire Bible over K-8th grades and includes a confirmation preparation in 9th grade.
  • Short Programs & VBS
    This section includes several short topical Sunday School programs, sessions that can be used for Summer Church along with Vacation Bible School, Summer & Winter Camp programs.
  • Seasonal & Worship
    Find resources for the major seasons of the church year and a children's chapel program.
  • Intergenerational & Home
    These resources can be used in settings other than church or with intergenerational groups.
  • Books & E-Books
    Most of our printed books are also available as downloadable PDFs. Many churches order one printed book and the PDF so they can use the PDF files with license to reproduce as a way to select pages to copy and give to participants.
  • Candle Press Materials
    Candle Press produces resources for families with young children (mostly under six) and for those who minister to these families. Children come equipped to approach life with awe and wonder. Parents long to engage the natural curiosity of children while helping them participate in worship. The resources of Candle Press can help families explore: what we believe about baptism, what we are doing at Holy Communion, observe Advent and Lent, provide help for parents, baptismal certificates and cards, and discussion starters for the whole family. Volume discounts make it easy for churches to keep copies in stock.
  • FREE Downloads - Children
    Everything here is FREE. We just ask that you give us credit if you choose to copy and share it with others. Enjoy!

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