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Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups

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Downloadable PDF files with a reproduction and use license for a single church.


This small group program builds community, strengthens congregational leadership and facilitates church growth. Discipleship Groups gather to pray, study and share in order to be more faithful ministers in their daily life and work. Group members discuss ministry situations and concerns members encounter is daily life and engage in theological reflection. These groups become centers of pastoral support in congregations. They undergird the minstry of small congregations and assist large congregations in building community and personal relationships. These groups are especially helpful in integrating newcomers into congregational life and in developing lay leaders.

This resources includes two separate programs:

(1) A 12-session small group Leadership Training Program. This training process is designed to be repeated as the assisting leader in each group assumes the primary leadership role when the initial group grows and divides into two groups. The focus on inviting newcomers to fill the "empty chair" in the circle helps grow the groups and prevent the group from becoming a clique. The training program can be used to train other small group leaders.

(2) Initial Discipleship Group sessions -- six on the Baptismal Covenant and six on Ministry in Daily Life, plus a process for the subsequent sessions. The two sets of six sessions can be used as stand-alone adult education programs. The ongoing process can be used with any "content" for the study section -- Episcopalians often use The Church's Teaching Series.

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