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Emerging Worship (e-Book)

Emerging Worship (e-Book)

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Downloadable PDF files with a reproduction and use license for a single church.


What is emerging worship? How can our congregation explore what it means for us. This resource focuses on mainline churches can learn from  the Emergent Church movement in the United States and the Fresh Expressions movement in England. One of author is a priest in the Episcopal Church and the other is a pastor in the United Church of Christ so those perspectives are incorporated into this resource.

This resource is NOT a curriculum in the traditional sense of “a course of study.” It is a resource. A list of topics is provided that can help a group explore this new territory. You are invited to become explorers…to move in, with and through the resource at your own pace and in your own way.

For example, the topics are numbered but do not have to be taken in chronological order.The sessions are not designed to be of any specific length of time. You will be given a number of suggested ways to approach the topic. This will allow your adult education group, liturgy team, parish staff, or other group explore this in a way that best suits you. 

Topics include:
TOPIC 1: What is Emergent Church?                                             
TOPIC 2: What is Emergent Worship?                                         
TOPIC 3: Who Creates Worship?                                                 
TOPIC 4: Places and Spaces
TOPIC 7: Sign, Symbols and Sacraments                                      
TOPIC 5: Music, Music, Music                                                          
TOPIC 6: How Tweet the Word!                                                  

NOTE: This is an e-Book (reproducible PDF file). If you want an printed book, click HERE to go to that page.

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