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Eucharist To Go

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Eucharist - To Go

What do we mean by "The Word" and what are the Prayers of the People? What are we doing when we pass the peace? We can invite families - at home - to talk about what we promise and what is promised to us when we come to the table at church.

To Go - for families with young children to use at home
Send by e-mail or print handouts

Each set contains four, one-page units. You can send all the pages at once, or over a period of time that works for you and for them. Families at home - at time convenient to them - pick and choose which activities work for them. They will explore together what they believe, how they choose to live their lives -- and ways to just have some fun. Twenty sets available:

  1. Summertime
  2. Creation
  3. Grace at Meals
  4. Baptism
  5. Eucharist
  6. Our Space
  7. Praying Together
  8. The Lord's Prayer
  9. Stewards
  10. Our Scrap Book
  11. Hebrew Scriptures
  12. Good News
  13. Thanksgiving
  14. Christmas - the Season
  15. Epiphany - the Season
  16. Ash Wednesday
  17. Easter the Season
  18. Pentecost
  19. No School Today
  20. Millennium Development Goals

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