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Adult Ministry Downloads

You are free to download and use anything on this page. We only ask that you give credit if you print or quote from any of these articles. Click on the title to download the items or "order" item to get an email with a link to most of the files.

Adult Education

The Cross and the Lynching Tree Study Guide

The subject of race and race relations has captured our attention prompted by tragic events around the country. LeaderResources felt called to focus attention on this complicated and emotion-laden subject of race and to provide the Church with a resource to help us engage in a conversation about one of the most painful aspects of race – lynchings.

In collaboration with the Center for Reconciliation in the Diocese of Rhode Island, we are offering a Lenten Study Guide designed primarily for adults based on the book, “The Cross and the Lynching Tree,” by James H. Cone. In his book, Cone explores the symbolic connection between the cross and the trees used to lynch Blacks. This study guide is especially appropriate for Lent when we focus on Christ’s death on the cross. However, this study can be used at any time of the year and can help congregations seeking to reflect on the current racial issues.

Purchase the book, 'The Cross and the Lynching Tree,' on Amazon.


Adult Education: More Options are Better -- an article for those planning adult faith formation

Adult Education Mini-Course -- A 3-session series for persons planning Sunday Morning Education in an Episcopal Congregation

Choosing Programs -- a 2-session design to help congregations do program planning

In Dialogue With Scripture -- Article and Bible Study methods

A Time to Live and A Time to Die--from "Do the Right Thing" (a resource by and for older adults)

Fred Lamar's Religious Web Sites -- a list of websites on almost any faith group imaginable (note, this is from over a decade ago so many websites are likely to have changed)

Senior Adult Facts -- Provide by the Task Force for Older Adult Ministries

Just Eating: a free seven-session program on the relationship between our faith and our food by the Presbyterian Hunger Commission with a Leader's Guide and Participant Book. Thanks to our Presbyterian colleagues for sharing this resource.

"The curriculum explores how practicing our faith is foundational to meaningful and healthy living, for ourselves, for the earth and for others in the world. In particular, the program asks us to consider how eating—one of the most basic human activities—is an invitation to experience God and to journey with others in the world."

Congregational Life

Inviting Church -- an article on evangelism and church growth

Sustainable Church -- an article on a broader concept of stewardship

Faith-based Stewardship -- an article on a congregational approach to stewardship

Stewardship in Hard Times -- an article on stewardship during this economic downturn.

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Just Eating -- On Faith and Food
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