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Youth Ministry Downloads

You are free to download and use anything on this page. We only ask that you give credit if you print or quote from any of these articles. Click on the title to download the items or "order" item to get an email with a link to the files.

How to Talk to Children and Teens about Tragedy provides helpful suggestions by Tracey Herzer on how to talk with children & teens about situations like a school shooting, terrorist attacks, etc. Also available is a list of resources.

Youth Ministry in Today's Church -- an article on what we have learned about youth ministry in the past decade and what we envision is needed for today's youth.

Taking our Chances -- an article for parents of young people leaving home for the first time. 

Adolescent Development -- a chart to see at-a-glance characteristics of different stages of early, middle and late adolescence

Stages of Faith Development-- a summary of the work of James Fowler and others 

Youth Ministry Discernment -- a faith-based way for congregations to choose a youth ministry program or process
In Dialogue With Scripture - articles and Bible study methods

Just Eating: a free seven-session program on the relationship between our faith and our food by the Presbyterian Hunger Commission includes a Middle-School curriculum and a Congregational Use Curriculum with Leader's Guide and Participant Book. Thanks to our Presbyterian colleagues for sharing this resource.

"The curriculum explores how practicing our faith is foundational to meaningful and healthy living, for ourselves, for the earth and for others in the world.  In particular, the program asks us to consider how eating—one of the most basic human activities—is an invitation to experience God and to journey with others in the world." 

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