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Feast of the Universe: An Interfaith Sourcebook on Ecological Spirituality (Book)

Feast of the Universe: An Interfaith Sourcebook on Ecological Spirituality (Book)

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Compiled and Edited by Anne Rowthorn

Rowthorn has collected a series of liturgies from around the world to help worship planners and congregations develop liturgies that focus our attention on the earth, God as the Creator and our baptismal mandate to be stewards of the earth.

Of particular interest to pastors, church music directors, and worship leaders are the book's three appendices designed to aid their liturgical planning. "Celebrating God‟s Creation Throughout the Year" is a calendar noting thirty-eight occasions in every season that are auspicious times to organize earth festivals, community events and liturgies. "Environmental Hymns" is a list of sixty-four environmental hymns - many of them new - along with their references in ten standard hymnals commonly in use in the U.S.A., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. "Ecological Themes in the Bible" is a starter list of Biblical ecological readings appropriate for use with a variety of liturgies.

Included in this resource are nine liturgies developed for "The Season of Creation" -- which begins on September 1st, the Day of Creation in the Orthodox calendar, and runs for six Sundays. It covers the time of traditional harvest festivals and the Blessing of Animals on the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, on October 4th. 

These nine liturgies are the gift of Dr. Norman Habel and the Uniting Church of Australia. Eight of them were crafted in Australia and one in New Zealand. They have been slightly adapted for use in American churches, and they can be either Eucharistic or non-Eucharistic, depending upon local church custom.

Also available are two resources that are excerpts from this book -- both in reproducible PDF format: PRAYERS AND BLESSINGS and EARTH LITURGIES. These PDF files come with a license allowing a single congregation to use the liturgies, prayers, and other liturgical materials for worship in their church, education programs, small group gatherings, etc. 

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