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Feast of the Universe: PRAYERS AND BLESSINGS e-Book

Feast of the Universe: PRAYERS AND BLESSINGS e-Book

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Downloadable PDF files with a reproduction and use license for a single church.


Compiled and Edited by Anne Rowthorn

Invocations are provided to start the day and benedictions to end it. A series of theological prayers for all occasions along with table blessings, litanies and responsive readings are included. Rowthorn also gives worship planners with a partial list of fun and fanciful, serious and solemn occasions to celebrate a creation liturgy, a community event or festival, or to plant a tree on a special day, or just to spend a few moments contemplating the majesty of God‟s creation A starter list of Biblical ecological readings and a list of environmental hymns from ten English language hymnals completes this useful resource. This compilation of prayers and blessings will be especially appreciated by clergy, church music directors, and worship leaders.

"We are called to pray and live as the times demand, yet there is a widespread practical indifference to the plight of the earth on the part of many faithful believers. This is in no small measure due to the long-standing neglect of the earth and the environment in the words of our worship." (Foreward) Rowthorn has collected a cornucopia of prayers and blessings you can use in many settings and for many occasions to help us focus our prayer life on God's creation and our call to care for it responsibly. 

This resource is an e-book (PDF file with reproduction license for a single congregation). The companion liturgies are available in EARTH LITURGIES The  printed book, Feast of the Universe, includes the materials from both of these resources; it is available for individual reading but does not allow the liturgies or prayers to be used in liturgy. For reproduction license, order the e-book versions.

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