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God Talks! -- Topical Youth Ministry Program

God Talks! -- Topical Youth Ministry Program

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Multi-Media Enhanced Topical Youth Ministry Program

This topic-based youth ministry program examines a single theme or concept in some detail over a 2-5 week period of time with the goal of addressing the characteristics of spiritual development. The wide range of topics allows youth leaders to select the lessons that address the needs of their youth at any given time. Over 80 lessons means you'll have lessons for years to come!

The goals of this program are:
    • To learn that one has a life-purpose and that it is possible to discern what it is
    • To seek connection with the inner self (spirit, as opposed to the outer self, the ego)
    • To seek connection with God & with the world around one, both natural & human
    • To experience transcendence (meaning seeing how one fits into the bigger picture)

Topics include:
    1. At Ground Level: Creating, Reforming, Transforming the World (4 weeks)
    2. Who Am I? (4 weeks)
    3. Who is God? (4 weeks)
    4. Advent (3 weeks)
    5. The Gifts God Gave Me (3 weeks)
    6. Family-Does it Matter? (3 weeks)
    7. Lent: Temptation (5 weeks)
    8. Friends (3 weeks)
    9. Can I Make A Difference In The World? (2 weeks)
    10. Making Decisions (6 weeks)
    11. Faith (4 weeks)
    12. The Great Commandments (4 weeks)
    13. Caretakers and Stewards (3 weeks)
    14. Reflecting: Advent (4 weeks)
    15. Christ Revealed and What it means to be Christian (8 weeks)
    16. Lent: Living in Faith or Living with Doubt (5 weeks)
    17. The Ten Commandments (8 weeks)
    18. Preparing The Way: Advent (4 weeks)
    19. Lent: What Did Jesus Do? (5 weeks)
    20. Change and How We Deal With It (4 weeks)
    21. Accessory vs. Intentional Faith (4 weeks)
    22. The Benefits of Believing (3 weeks)
    23. Epiphany Stories and Stories of Epiphanies (5 weeks)
    24. Prayer (4 weeks)
    25. Metaphors for Life: Parables (4 weeks)
    26. Being Called (4 weeks)


These topic-based lessons originally were designed for younger youth but churches have found that it works with older youth as well. It is especially useful for a mixed age group where you can pick topics that fit the interests and needs of the youth in your group.

This program is not a membership (annual subscription) -- you get 3-4 years of topical lesson plans for one low price based on the average number of people (including children and youth) attending your church on a weekend. This is the number you report to your denomination as your ASA (Average Sunday Attendance) or AWA (Average Weekly Attendance).  We use this number because it is much more accurate than using membership numbers. And setting prices by the size of your congregation makes this program affordable to even the smallest churches. 

About Heidi Hawks

Heidi Hawks is a veteran Christian Education and Youth Director with 15 years of Christian Education/Formation experience along with extensive experience teaching, tutoring and mentoring children, youth and adults. She holds Master's degrees in both religion and education and a PhD in Education, specializing in learning, curriculum, and instruction with a focus on faith formation and spiritual development.

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