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Grounded in Love: Ecology, Faith and Action (book)

Grounded in Love: Ecology, Faith and Action (book)

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by Nancy Roth

A series of lively and personal meditations leads the reader from the love in which all meaningful action is grounded, through the concern which is the catalyst for action and the ethics which guides our decision-making, to a consideration of some practical actions we can take in order to embody our hope for the earth's future.  Each meditation is preceded by a quotation from a spiritual tradition and followed by a prayer exercise.

Nancy Roth believes that the future well-being of planet Earth is dependent on the human will and that becoming aligned with truth rather than falsehood, with altruism rather than selfishness, and with action rather than passivity, is good for the soul. And for the Earth. Her book is a passionate and hopeful challenge to people of faith and seekers for truth.


About the Author

The Rev. Nancy Roth is an Episcopal priest, retreat leader, author, dancer, and musician. Her work as a resource person in the area of spirituality draws on her many interests: the integration of body and spirit, the contemplative tradition of prayer, the arts, and the relationship of Christian faith and ethics to environmental issues.

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