1. Heidi Carter Clark

Heidi Carter Clark

Director of Consultant Services
Meet Heidi Carter Clark, our Director of Consultant Services
Part Number: Heidi

Heidi is the Director of Consultant Services and the Coordinator for Adult Education for LeaderResources. She also provides J2A training, education consulting and conference leadership.

Heidi comes to us from the position of Christian Formation Coordinator for the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri where she supported congregations in Christian Formation for all ages. She also is a trainer of Safeguarding God’s Children. Previously, she served as president of NAECED, was on the National Commission for Ministry Development and was the officer for Gay and Lesbian Ministries in her diocese until 2003. She served on an educational task force with the national Standing Commission for Liturgy and Music. She lives in Kirkwood, Mo.

Heidi can provide a wide range of services in person or on the phone/internet. She is a upbeat, enthusiastic speaker and trainer who fully engages participants. Call Heidi to talk about what your needs are!

Here's what one DRE said about Heidi:

Last night, a number of us gathered in the third floor conference room for a Journey to Adulthood training session with a remarkable woman named Heidi Clark from LeaderResources.  Heidi has done these training sessions for 15 years.  She is smart.  She is funny.  She is savvy.  She is cool.  I loved hearing what she had to say.  And, I am so grateful that she was able to fit us in right before our Rite 13 and J2A programs (for our 6th – 12th graders) kick off.  The Journey to Adulthood program is a rich, marvelous, spiritual and relevant program.  I am so impressed with it and with the adults who have stepped up to lead it or to be liaisons for us.

Harriet Roberts,
Director of Christian Education


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