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J2A Training

Cost varies: email [email protected]
Request a J2A Training session for your church or diocese.
Part Number: J2ATraining

Training for the Journey to Adulthood (J2A) Youth program are our most popular events...so our training calendar fills up quickly. If you have a specific weekend or event where you'd like to offer J2A training, call us and get time reserved for your training.


  • Equip & train new J2A leaders
  • Energize & fortify current leaders
  • Share practical tips
  • Help you learn about authentic youth ministry
  • Speak at regional or diocesan events
  • Work with a youth search committee
  • Troubleshoot & brainstorm new ideas
  • and so much MORE! 
For more information or to schedule a consultation,
send an email to [email protected].
A deposit is required to reserve your date.

ONCE YOU HAVE SECURED A DATE with a trainer (but not before)
return to this page and register to pay your deposit fee.
Pay the trainer fee and expenses directly to the trainer.

Even if you are not sure about scheduling an event, the first step is to contact us and let us know how we can help. We can send an experienced trainer to you or we can even do phone consultations ($30/hr).

Your trainer will work with you to specifically tailor something to meet your needs, but whether you're looking for first-time Basic training, Advanced or something in between, you can count on topics that will help both new and experienced J2A leaders better understand the theological and developmental theories that support J2A, as well as practical tips about working with teens, planning lesson plans or activities, calendar suggestions and more.

You will be responsible for the training fee, plus travel, meals and housing, paid directly to the trainer, with a $250 deposit paid to LeaderResources to reserve the date. The basic training is 1½ days. Call or e-mail us with prospective dates, and we can find a trainer who will help you set up the right training for you. We can also send you a sample contract, to give you an idea on pricing which varies according to what you want done and which consultant you choose. Parishes often co-host and share expenses or you might ask your diocese for help.

Schedules can be specifically adjusted for your group. The 1 1/2 day format is usually either a Friday evening piece (for parents, vestries, committees, etc.) plus an all-day Saturday training (usually approx. 9am to 3pm) for teachers/youth leaders, or it can be all-day Saturday, plus a Sunday morning. Your consultant can offer Adult Forums, Q&A sessions, meeting with teens or even preaching at your morning services, which is probably the best way to get your whole parish excited about youth ministry!

We will list your event on our Facebook page and in newsletters. We encourage you to share your event details with other churches or your diocesan office because there may be others in your area who are also looking for J2A training. If you open the event, it is standard to charge $25-$40 per person for people outside your home parish, which can help defray some of your expenses.

We suggest a room large enough where participants can preferably sit at tables since so many people like to take notes. You will receive via email our J2A Workshop kit and you will need to make a copy of that packet for each participant. It's also nice if you can have available some extra pens/pencils and you may wish to have name tags available. If possible, it's helpful to have some sort of writing board or a flip chart to use during training, but it isn't essential. Check with your trainer for any other special needs.

Usually the host church will provide coffee and maybe light breakfast pastries or fruit as people arrive. You will also need to decide how to handle lunch. Most churches (sometimes a group in the parish like ECW or Menaeus group or even the vestry) provide a simple meal for everyone there at the church and you and your trainer will figure out a time to break for 30-45 minutes to eat lunch. If you are in an area with several different restaurants close by, you can dismiss the group for lunch on their own (provide maps, addresses or phone numbers of restaurants if possible) but this isn't usually recommended as it will necessitate a longer lunch break and you may lose some people.  

For more information or to schedule a consultation,
send an email to [email protected].
A deposit is required to reserve your date.

ONCE YOU HAVE SECURED A DATE with a trainer (but not before)
return to this page and register to pay your deposit fee.
Pay the trainer fee and expenses directly to the trainer.

Here's what one DRE said about their training session:

Last night, a number of us gathered in the third floor conference room for a Journey to Adulthood training session with a remarkable woman named Heidi Carter from LeaderResources.  Heidi has done these training sessions for 15 years. She is smart. She is funny. She is savvy. She is cool. I loved hearing what she had to say.  And, I am so grateful that she was able to fit us in right before our Rite 13 and J2A programs (6th -12th graders) kick off.  The Journey to Adulthood program is a rich, marvelous, spiritual and relevant program.  I am so impressed with it and with the adults who have stepped up to lead it or to be liaisons for us.

Harriet Roberts, Director of Christian Education
Grace/St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Memphis, TN

If you would like to host a J2A training program, send an email to [email protected]. Heidi Carter, our Director of Consultant Services, will assist you with scheduling a training event for your congregation, region or diocese. 

About Heidi Carter

Heidi has been a J2A leader in her parish, served as a diocesan staff member and has years of experience training J2A leaders across the country. Heidi is the Director of Consultant Services and the Coordinator for Adult Education for LeaderResources. In addition to J2A training, he also provides education consulting and conference leadership. Heidi was Christian Formation Coordinator for the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri where she supported congregations in Christian Formation for all ages. She also is a trainer of Safeguarding God’s Children. Previously, she served as president of NAECED, was on the National Commission for Ministry Development and was the officer for Gay and Lesbian Ministries in her diocese until 2003. She served on an educational task force with the national Standing Commission for Liturgy and Music.

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