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Know Chocolate for Lent (e-Book)

Know Chocolate for Lent (e-Book)

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Downloadable PDF files with a reproduction and use license for a single church

by Anna L. Liechty and Phyllis Vos Wezeman

Know Chocolate for Lent uses the growing and manufacturing process of chocolate as a metaphor for the growth of faith and discipleship in the Christian life while guiding participants through Lent, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter. Lent is an appropriate time for reflection and study so that believers comprehend the significance of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Know Chocolate for Lent helps the entire congregation reflect on the significance of the gifts that they often take for granted-the gift of chocolate and the gift of faith. Through their participation, people of all ages will experience the connections between the growing process of chocolate and the growing process of being a Christian. They will connect God's gift of the rainforest and God's gift of the Church. In addition, they will understand that what they often take for granted-whether it is chocolate or faith-is much more satisfying when they know the story behind the traditions they celebrate.

Know Chocolate for Lent provides the focus for a wide variety of seasonal experiences including: creating visuals, decorating worship centers, providing special holiday services, preaching sermons, reading Scripture, sharing children's messages, and making visual and concrete the goodness of God's gifts. It includes Adult Education sessions and a Women's Retreat called "A Chocolate Feast: Celebrating God's Goodness" (which could be used for any group). In addition to weekly worship helps, the book includes family devotions and activities. 

Ten sessions, Worship (including Children's sermons), Nurture (families), Education (Sunday school sessions for children and adult education sessions), Women's Retreat and Enhancements (reproducible designs for banners, posters, etc.).


This resource is an e-book (reproducible PDF file with license for a single congregation's use). It is also available as a printed book HERE.


Small, individual booklets for families, adults and retreatants enables you to give each participant a personal book. Know Chocolate--Family Time is designed for use by families. Know Chocolate--Adult Study is, obviously, designed of use by adults in a Lent program or for personal use. Know Chocolate--Retreat is a meditation journal that is designed for use by retreat participants or by adults who want to use is as a companion to the adult study program or personal use. Each of these books is $4.95/each with significant volume discounts. Click on the name of the booklet to order. 

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