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LeaderResources Premium Congregational Membership

Price varies by size of congregation
Access to and use of all downloadable LeaderResources programs for one year
Part Number: LR-Premium-C
Free Shipping
NOTE: Downloadable PDF files with a reproduction and use license for a single church
Feature: Requires annual renewal of membership for continued use.

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The Premium Membership is an annual subscription program that gives your congregation access to all downloadable resources that are published by LeaderResources and the right to use those resources during the year in which the membership is in effect. Your congregation's members gain access to over 100 resources including Sunday School curricula, eight VBS programs, several youth ministry and confirmation programs & retreats, over 40 adult education programs, seasonal resources for all ages, leadership development and church growth programs, plus a series of e-books! Each congregational leader can download as many as they choose and if they find a program doesn't work for them, they can just download another one. 

We are pleased to offer ALL downloadable resources published by LeaderResources for one very reasonable annual fee. How can you afford this membership? Here are some ideas that congregations have used in the past to pay for a J2A membership:
  1. Obviously, build it into your annual budget! Christian formation, leadership development and church growth should be supported by your parish budget. But if that's a stretch (and we recognize that it may be for some churches), try one of the following other ideas.
  2. Ask for donors to support it -- they can even go on our website and buy a gift card in any amount that gives you credit towards your membership fee.
  3. Take up a collection at specific service -- especially a family service where you can invite members to support these resources -- especially for children and youth (always the strongest reason people give for something like this).
  4. Sponsor a fundraising event specifically to raise money for this purpose. 
  5. Ask your members to contribute when they register for various programs.

Here's a few things you should know about your membership:
  • It does not include anything we distribute from other publishers or organizations nor does it include any tangibles (books, DVDs, etc.)
  • You will receive a coupon code after you order the membership. Give that to your congregation's leaders who can then register, log into their own account and order any eligible downloadable item for free using that code.
  • If you provide us with an email address for each church leader you designate (ask their permission), we will send them occasional "nudges" to remind them that they have access to these materials. We're very small so don't expect more than about six to eight emails a year. But that will help your congregation's leaders remember to look to LeaderResources for resources they can use. Of course, you can surf our site and highlight resources in your congregation's e-newsletter or bulletin as well.
  • If you choose not to renew the membership, we will work together to remind your congregation's members that they need to destroy the materials they downloaded and stop using the programs as this membership provides an annual use license and does not grant the right to use the programs when the membership has expired.

We have a Premium Judicatory Membership as well!

Check with your diocese/conference/presbytery/synod to see if they might order the membership for all of your churches.
Price is not much more than a couple of congregational licenses!
Talk with colleagues -- a judicatory membership is more appealing if several churches advocate for it.
This is a great way to support small churches, in particular, and get resources you can use regionally/collaboratively

For example:
Organize a regional youth ministry program using one of the many youth resources 
Sync your fall Sunday School kickoff with OPEN DOORS: Inviting Families to Church and do a state-wide marketing campaign
Collaborate with neighboring churches to do a VBS, Winter Camp (week after Christmas) of Spring Break Camp together
Host a small church event using New Growth in God's Garden
Sponsor a diocesan event to train leaders to use the Leadership Retreats with vestries



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Price varies by size of congregation
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