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LeaderResources Premium Judicatory Membership

Price by number of churches in judicatory
Annual membership for all downloadable programs by LeaderResources for all churches in a judicatory (diocese, synod, etc.)
Part Number: LR-Premium-J
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NOTE: Downloadable PDF files with a reproduction and use licenses for all congregations in your diocese, synod, conference, etc.
Feature: This membership requires manual setup -- after you order it, we will contact you with setup info. Questions? Email [email protected]

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The Judicatory Membership is an annual subscription program that gives all congregations in a diocese, synod, conference or presbytery access to all downloadable resources that are published by LeaderResources and the right to use those resources during the year in which the membership is in effect. Your judicatory can offer ALL of your congregation access to over 100 resources including three Sunday School curricula, eight VBS programs, several youth ministry and seasonal resources, over 40 adult education programs, leadership development and church growth programs, plus a series of e-books! Each congregation can download as many as they choose and if they find a program doesn't work for them, they can just download another one. 


We are pleased to offer ALL of our downloadables for one very reasonable annual fee. And, given the COVID pandemic and its impact on church finances, we have reduced the annual membership fee substantially. For example, a small diocese used to pay $1500 a year, now pays $500 a year to provide all of our resources to every congregation. 

How can you afford this membership? Here are some ideas that dioceses have used in the past to pay for a judicatory membership:
  1. Ask larger or wealthier parishes to contribute to it -- especially if they are paying for a congregational license or buying resources from LeaderResources anyway. Ask them to give that money to the diocese and help it support smaller congregations. That is especially helpful in the first year or two until the judicatory budget can be adjusted to incorporate the annual fee.
  2. Ask for donors to support it.
  3. Take up a collection at your diocesan convention -- especially effective if you highlight the benefits for smaller congregations and the resources for children, youth and church growth.
  4. You can, of course, charge your congregations, but that sort of defeats the purpose of your giving them something of value from the diocese. But it does allow you to offer them a large number of resources at a very modest price and might increase their investment in using those resources. Charging a very modest amount can help offset the cost to the judicatory. E.g., ask for $10 from small churches, $25 from mid-sized and $50 from large churches -- easy amounts for from churches that helps the judicatory budget, especially in the first year or two.
  5. Or for the first year: order in December and split the bill between this year, using end-of-year funds, and pay the rest in January allowing you to take it out of two year's budgets giving your judicatory time to adjust its budget for subsequent years.
Here's a few things you should know about your membership:
  • It does not include anything we distribute from other publishers or organizations nor does it include any tangibles (books, DVDs, etc.)
  • You will be given a coupon code unique to your diocese. You give this to all of your congregations and they use it to log in and download whatever they need. The coupon code zeros out the downloadable items on invoice so they would only be billed for tangible items or programs from other publishers that we distribute.
  • If you provide us with an email address for each church, we will send them occasional "nudges" to remind them that they have access to these materials and point them to seasonal or other relevant items to consider. We're a one-person operation so don't expect more than a few emails a year. But that will help your congregations remember to look to LeaderResources for resources they can use. Of course, you can surf our site and highlight resources in your diocesan e-newsletter as well -- and that, frankly, helps you because it reminds congregations that you are doing this for their benefit.
  • If you choose not to renew the membership, we will work together to remind your congregations that they need to destroy the materials they downloaded and stop using the programs as this membership provides an annual use license and does not grant the right to use the programs when the membership has expired.
Questions: Contact us at [email protected] and we will be glad to assist you.


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