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Let's Talk: A Project-Based Youth Ministry Resource

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Let's Talk gives youth leaders a series of projects that provide youth with life skills as well as Christian formation. Each project takes several weeks or even months (depending on how often you meet). Most include interesting and engaging experiential learning activities that engage youth and, in some cases, their families or congregation members. Additional resources enable leaders and youth to develop their own projects. This resources works well for small churches with just a few youth. Designed for High School youth.

Downloadable files with license to reproduce. 


    •    To learn the difference between an occupation and a vocation

    •    To explore how people see their work as ministry

    •    To explore what God might be calling me to do

Project #2:  Love & Marriage


    •    To explore the concept of Christian marriage 

    •    To explore the differences between marriage, living together, and just being friends

    •    To make some decisions about whether we might want to marry and, if so, how we might choose a partner

Project #3: Law and Justice


    •    To learn the difference between how the legal system treats adolescents and adults

    •    To learn the basics of the criminal justice system

    •    To make personal decisions about my response to laws or to situations with legal implications.

Project #4:  Responsibility 


    •     To understand what responsibility means.

    •    To differentiate between responsibility to self, to others, to your community, and to God.

Project #5: Fighting Fair, Disagreeing, Giving Feedback


    •    To learn at least three ways of disagreeing without alienating or offending people

    •    To practice fighting fair

    •    To learn and practice giving feedback

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