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Licenses and Memberships


What is a Reproduction License?

  • It is our way of publishing--we don't sell individual copies of any of our resources and e-books. Downloadable resources come with a reproduction license which is issued to a church, school or other organization.  
  • It allows a congregation to purchase one copy and then make as many or as few extra copies as they need.
  • It is a cheaper way to produce resources. Because we don't have inventory, our costs are lower, and we can pass the savings on to you.
  • For individual resource purchases, that's a permanent license. For memberships, the license is in effect for the duration of the membership term.

What is a Membership?

  • It is an annual subscription that allows the member organization to download and use the materials for that year.
  • It is a way to provide multi-year curricula to churches at a significantly lower cost.