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Ministry, Mission and Credo: A Resource for Youth Ministry

Ministry, Mission and Credo: A Resource for Youth Ministry

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Ministry, Mission and Credo is a resource for Senior High youth ministry groups that invites youth to identify and try out a ministry within the congregation or community. Supported by an adult mentor, they are encouraged to identify and use their gifts for ministry. The group also organizes a mission project -- something that is probably the most interesting activity for this age group. But in doing this, they also are learning skills in planning and leadership that they can use in life. The conclude by developing a personal credo -- a statement of what they believe -- that they share with the congregation which sends them forth into world as ambassadors for Christ. This resource is designed to help congregations and youth leaders engage their young people in a process rather than asking them to attend a program. As much as possible, the youth are encouraged to help shape and lead what they do. This experience empowers youth to be active participants and leaders in the church and in the community - both now and in the future. 

Downloadable file with license to reproduce.

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