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Parish Life Annual Membership

Price varies by size of congregation
Access to a wide variety of resources to cover most aspects of parish life.
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The Parish Life Membership gives you access over j40 programs for children, youth and adults. This membership has education curricula, leadership programs and liturgical resources -- in fact, it includes most of our programs that are not a multi-year membership of their own. This membership is designed for smaller congregations who want a mix of resources but don't need to full Premium Membership (which gives you access to all resources). 

How does it work?

You pay an annual membership fee. During that year, anyone in your congregation can use any of the resources in the membership. You can give the log in information to your teachers, youth group leaders, adult educators, ministry leaders and encourage them to find resources that fit their needs. Because it is a membership, they are welcome to download and try it out -- and then switch to another resource if this one doesn't fit. They can combine programs. They can use just a session or part of a program. There even are resources here that you can give to families or self-led groups. At the end of the year, you will need to renew your membership to continue using these resources and to gain access to any new resources added to the membership.

What's the difference between a membership and buying resources?

When you buy a resource, your congregation has a perpetual use license. A membership allows you to use the resource only during the time your membership is active. It is basically the difference between buying and renting. In the first case you own the resource; in a membership you are paying far less but are only renting it for a short time. 

Should we subscribe to a membership or buy the resources we want?

It depends. If you anticipate using just a couple of resources in the bundle and plan to use them for several years, it is best to buy them. If you want access to lots of resources and don't have the budget to buy them, it is more economical to do a membership. We set up the membership system primarily to provide churches with greater variety at a lower price.

See the programs listed below. When you subscribe to a membership, you receive access to all of these programs and the right to use them during the term of your membership. 


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