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Phyllis Wezeman

Meet Phyllis Wezeman
Meet Phyllis Wezeman
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Phyllis writes books, especially for children's ministry -- lots and lots of them! She is the author or co-author of over 1800 books and articles... and she can write them faster than we can publish them! She has worked as a parish educator, so her books offer a wealth of practical ways to teach and nurture children in Sunday School or at home. Phyllis can provide workshops or serve as a keynoter on a wide range of topics. Review our e-books for children -- almost all of them are by Phyllis and will give you ideas for workshops Phyllis can do for you.

Phyllis is President of Active Learning Associates, Inc. which develops a wide range of religious education materials. She is also the President of Malawi Matters, an organization dedicated to creative methods of HIV and AIDS Education in Africa. In the past few years, Phyllis has traveled to Malawi each summer to train local pastors and laity in HIV and AIDS education techniques.

Phyllis has a fascinating life story. She has served as Adjunct Faculty in the Education Department at Indiana University and the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. She has taught at the Saint Petersburg (Russia) State University, the Shanghai (China) Teacher's University, and for the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (C.C.A.P.) in Malawi, Africa. Phyllis, who holds an M.S. in Education from Indiana University, is a recipient of three "Distinguished Alumna Awards" from her high school and university. Phyllis and her husband, Ken, have three children and five grandchildren.

Check out Phyllis' books and resources to give you an idea of the kinds of consulting she can do for you:

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