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Second Pilgrimage: Still Seeking the Kingdom of God

Second Pilgrimage: Still Seeking the Kingdom of God

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Downloadable PDF files with a reproduction and use license for a single church.

Become a Pilgrim and journey to distant sites to explore the lives of biblical and historical people of faith, called Saints, who lived out the teachings of Christ: Teresa of Avila (Avila, Spain), Mary, Mother of Jesus (Paris, France), Francis of Assisi (Assisi, Italy). Paul, the Apostle; (Kusadasi, Turkey), Hildegard of Bingen (Eibingen, Germany).

Participate in Pilgrim Gatherings, Town Assemblies, Guild Meetings, Street Fairs, and Special Events to find the road map that leads towards life’s ultimate destination - the Kingdom of God - a destination that is discovered within each heart, demonstrated in relationships with others, revealed by the work of the Creator, made possible through the gift of the Savior, and empowered by the active presence of the Holy Spirit. Let the atmosphere capture the imagination and the biblical teaching touch the heart while discovering how to seek a spiritual direction for life in today’s world. 

This VBS program builds on the original PILGRIMAGE: SEEKING THE KINGDOM OF GOD. This program also can be used for Sunday School or Summer Church. Set up the village and work through the activities over four Sundays per "day" for five months of programming. Use the original PILGRIMAGE program to extend this into a full year's program. 

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