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Post Cards for Children

Your Price: $15.00
Part Number: CP-PostCards
Quantity Price
2 - 4 $14.50
5+ $14.00

Post cards that help you stay in touch with children. You could send a card to a child who was absent from Sunday School (what child do you know that gets mail?). You could also use the cards to invite a child to an event that is comung up at church -- or just to check in with the child (I hear your soccer team won on Saturday!) etc.

Three different designs, each with a message: "We Miss You!" "What's Up?" and "Hey There..." In addition to the space on the front of the card, half of the back has room to continue your message as well as the space for the address. The 4" by 6" cards take a standard post card stamp to mail.

Candle Press Post Cards. A set of 18 cards (6 of each of the 3 designs) only $15.00 (+shipping). Also available with graphic only (no message) -- click HERE for that version of the cards.


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