Your downloadable resource comes with a reproduction license that enables you to make as many copies of the resource as you need to implement the program in your church. However, you may not use these materials in another church or organization. If you ordered a non-membership program, there is no time limit. But if you ordered a membership, other rules apply.

If you take your program to a commercial photocopy shop, take the license with you. In most cases it will be accepted. If not, ask them to call us at 800-941-2218 so we can verify that you have permission to make copies.


Memberships are available for our larger, multi-year programs and to bundles of multiple programs. Memberships are an annual subscription fees that provides a license to the congregation (or other organization) to reproduce and use the program during that year. Membership fees are based on the number of people in worship on an average weekend (children, youth and adults), which enables us to provide reasonably-priced resources to even the smallest congregations. Many congregations find that they pay about 20-25% of what they would pay for a traditional print curriculum.

Memberships must be renewed annually to renew permission to continue to copy and use the materials or to implement the program. If you choose to discontinue using the program, you must destroy all electronic and print copies of the material and stop using the program. This is done to protect your church from a copyright violation if someone in the future inadvertently finds a file and starts using the program, thinking it is owned by your church.

Memberships are optional. They are one way to access our materials, but most of our materials can also be purchased or reviewed as individual resources, without a membership.

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