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Resource Center Purchase Plan

Your Price: $20.00
Allows a Resource Center to buy 10 resources for one very low price.
Part Number: RC
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This plan allows a Resource Center to order 10 downloadable resources published by LeaderResources* for $20. A Resource Center is defined as a relatively small collection of resources and they almost exclusively serve churches. They often are managed by or under the auspices of a diocese, synod, etc. and often are housed in just a room (and sometimes just a closet!). Libraries serve an educational institution -- seminaries, universities, colleges, etc., have a professional staff of librarians and a budget to acquire materials. If you are a library, please order that plan instead of this one. 

These resources are restricted to reference use only -- they can not be checked out, photocopied or used in a program. They are to be provided for review only. Order this item and we will email you a coupon code which you can use for up to ten times (you must order items one at a time....sorry for the inconvenience but that's the only way the shopping cart knows how to count!). If you want more than ten resources, order this item again and get a second coupon. 

*This does not include resources published by others that we distribute. If you are interested in those, ask and we will see if the other publisher is willing to share those with you. They are good souls so I suspect we can work out something!

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