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Sealed and Sent Forth

Sealed and Sent Forth

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Downloadable PDF files with a reproduction and use license for a single church

This program examines what it means to be a Christian and an Episcopalian and invites participants to examine what a particular Christian community does and means. The sessions are suitable for confirmation preparation for both youth or adults new to the church as well as for general Christian formation programs for adults and youth. Sessions include worship, historical and theological content, discussion, reflection and community building. The fifteen 2-hour sessions can also be used in one-hour sessions or in weekend retreat format. 


To provide a learning experience for adults and older youth in order that each may decide on and affirm commitment to the Christian faith and grow in the knowledge of what is unique and essential to being an Episcopalian.


  1. To understand the basics of the Christian faith.

  2. To become familiar with basic Anglican resources and knowledge:

    1. a)  Bible

    2. b)  The Book of Common Prayer

    3. c)  The Hymnal

    4. d)  Anglican Worship

    5. e)  Church History

    6. f)  Anglican Theology

  3. To provide a curriculum with content that includes experiential learning and connection to everyday life.

  4. To provide an experience of a supportive, worshiping community.

  5. To see this curriculum as part of a life-long journey of Christian formation. 

This curriculum has many lessons that could be used for adult education groups as single sessions or over a couple of weeks for each lesson. There are 40 handouts that you'll find useful in many contexts, including Biblical and church history timelines, Bible study methods, Parish Quiet Day or Retreat design, discernment process, church polity, a family pledge of nonviolence, radical hospitality, stewardship, titles of Jesus, overview of the Gospels and Epistles, chronology of the Old and New Testament and the authority of Scripture. 


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