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Understanding Why: Bernie Siegel

Understanding Why: Bernie Siegel

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In an address to a live audience, Dr. Bernie Siegel uses his trademark humor and examples from his patients to stimulate belief in God and to examine our beliefs about ourselves. “Life is a labor pain,” he says, that allows us to give birth to ourselves. He looks at the ways our spiritual lives have an impact on health, and encourages the audience to “follow your heart, not your head." A small group gathers weekly to study together and ponder the mysteries of suffering, pain, mortality, and hope. 

This resource incorporates a DVD, Leader's Guide, which allows each segment’s teachings to be taught to a group or utilized for independent study. The resource guide presents a format for a nine session course and gives the course leader specific points of discussion, debate and activities for participants. An alternative model for conducting the course as a weekend retreat, with examples of daily schedules and activities is also included. Appropriate for some specific needs groups such as those who have experienced loss (divorce, death), illness or depression. Leaders are reminded that it is essential that you review the entire video and program before beginning to ensure that this resource is appropriate for your particular group. It is also helpful to include a professional if your group has people who may find talking about these issues difficult. This resource is not intended to be used in a therapeutic setting without the leadership of mental health care professionals.

This resource is inspired by, and wrapped around, a keynote address Dr. Siegel gave at the Spiritual Formation Summit at Kanuga sponsored by Trinity Wall Street in 2003.

The DVD ships separately. The Leader's Guide is available as a downloadable PDF file.


Session 1 – Understanding Why 

Session 2 – Life is Difficult 

Session 3 – Give Birth to Yourself 

Session 4 – Head and Heart 

Session 5 – What Now? 

Session 6 – The Name of My Guardian Angel 

Session 7 – A Blank Canvas 

Session 8 – Touching 

Session 9 – Survival Behavior 

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