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Sister BJ

Meet Sister Barbara Jean
Meet Sister Barbara Jean
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Sister Barbara Jean Brown is the abbess of Anamchara Fellowship, an ecumenical monastic community founded within the Episcopal Church. Sister BJ (as she is commonly known) entered the Religious Life in 1973 in a traditional Episcopal Order and recently was led to start a new form of monastic community. For well over 25 years, Sister BJ has had a "peripatetic" ministry... traveling from parish to parish, diocese to diocese, conducting retreats, quiet days, conferences and workshops. Her primary loves are the mystical tradition and Celtic spirituality.

Sister BJ is the author of Sis Smooth Stones, Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life (LeaderResources). She received her degree in Theology from Marian College, Fond du Lac, WI and is working on a Master’s degree in Celtic spirituality.

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