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Through the Heart: Creative Methods of HIV & AIDS Education (Book)

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This resources is a handbook of creative activities and learning experiences to enable people of all ages, to explore HIV and AIDS.
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by Phyllis Wezeman

An estimated 2.6 million people became newly infected with HIV in 2010 and about 1.8 million people died from AIDS-related illnesses in 2009 (UN figures). In the USA, over 700,000 people are living with a diagnosed HIV infection and there are about 40,000 new diagnoses a year. Educating those who risk infecting themselves or other people is the best way to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS. People must be responsible for their own behavior. If the AIDS epidemic is to be stopped, people must understand the disease – its course, its nature, and its prevention.

This resources is a handbook of creative activities and learning experiences to enable people of all ages, to explore HIV and AIDS as it relates to nine themes: World, Community, Congregation, Nation, Neighborhood, Family, State, School, and Self

The activities are designed to involve the student as an active participant in learning rather than a passive recipient of information. Phyllis Wezeman uses art, architecture, cartoons, puppets, dance, drama, games, music, photography, stories and more to engage children, youth and adults in learning about a topic that can be frightening or discouraging. Learning through doing makes it fun and, most importantly, memorable.

This resource is for congregations, agencies and organizations that want to provide HIV and AIDS education for their members and the larger community. While the books is designed to be easy to use and provide practical, useful information for people with a wide range of ages and educational backgrounds, a consultant is available to provide training.

This book began as a pilot program in the Malawi through the Nkhoma Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian in 2006. Lessons in this book form the basis of this week-long HIV and AIDS education training program. Hundreds of Malawi church and community leaders have been trained and are using the teaching techniques in this book in their communities. For more information or to support this mission, visit: www.malawimatters.org. Bulk rates for the book are available is your church or judicatory chooses to train leaders in the US or elsewhere in the world. 

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