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Setting the Stage: Phyllis Tickle

Setting the Stage: Phyllis Tickle

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In this adult education DVD and program, Phyllis Tickle explores the situation facing people of faith with the changes and new alignments of faith, understanding, and hope that are coming into position. From her perspective as religion editor of Publishers Weekly, Phyllis Tickle surveys some of the main influences that have led to what she calls “the post-Enlightenment church.” She examines the “three cords of one cable—spirituality, corporeality, and morality,” that bind us together as a culture, and helps us to see religion as a human construct that changes as the society changes.

This adult education resource incorporates a video on DVD and resource guide, which allows each segment’s teachings to be taught to a group or utilized for independent study. The resource guide presents a format for a six session course and gives the course leader specific points of discussion, debate and activities for participants. An alternative model for conducting the course as a weekend retreat, with examples of daily schedules and activities is also included.

This resource is inspired by, and wrapped around, a keynote address Phyllis Tickle gave at the Spiritual Formation Summit at Kanuga.


Session 1 – Setting the Stage: a cultural scan 

Session 2 – Spiritual Formation

Session 3 – Peeling Back the Story

Session 4 – Truth is Beauty 

Session 5 – Other Attacks

Session 6 – I Am Because You Are

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