Welcome to our new website with LOTS of sale items to introduce you to the features of this new site. We encourage you to poke around and see how things are arranged. You can easily see the specials by looking for the red SALE button. 

If you are a current member, you do NOT need to renew your membership now. Wait until your expiration date (we'll send you a reminder). Order then and it will automatically notify you next year. If you select "Re-occuring Order" (a new feature), it will automatically renew your membership. You will, however, get an email that let's you opt out or change your credit card number or change the expiration date. So you're not locked in -- just saved from having to remember your expiration date!

Two of our former memberships are now being offered as stand-alone programs. 
  • GodTalks! is a series of 1-6 session units on a topic of interest to youth. Buy this to use whenever you need to grab a topic for a session or a few sessions. Use as a stand-alone program or to supplement what you currently use with your youth. 
  • Journey in Faith is and faith formation program that was developed for adults but we found that it is especially attractive to younger adults. These are six session unit (72 in all) that are great for adult education groups and can help lead your congregation into deeper faith life. Priced according to your average weekly attendance, it provides at least two years of programming -- and can be useful for years to come if you're not meeting regularly.
You'll also notice that we've re-named the Center for Youth Ministry and the Center for Children's Ministry to simply be the Youth Ministry Membership and the Children's Ministry Membership, making it clear what each of these memberships are. Both of these memberships give you many choices -- and have the advantage of allowing you to switch courses at no cost. So, for example, if you start with one Sunday School or youth ministry program and it isn't working for you, just try a different one. With several curriculum, confirmation and VBS programs -- and lots of helpful extras, you're sure to find resources that work for you!

We hope you find our new site easy to navigate and use. But please let us know about any problems you encounter. As you know, new websites always have some bugs. So we'll be working on fixing anything that goes awry. We thank you for your patience.

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