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What Are We Doing? A Guide to the Eucharist (Reproducible Master)

Priced by number of copies you want to make
To help your guest or newcomer track what we do at Eucharist.
Part Number: CP-WhatDoingEucharist-Master

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2 - 4 $4.90
5+ $4.75

This is the artwork by Victoria Bergen from What Are We Doing? designed for children to color during worship or at home. The copies you make will encourage children to sketch what they are noticing during worship. The art that results will have engaged the children and provided opportunities for additional discussion after church. With the purchase of the master (11" by 17") comes permission to make as many copies as you want for use in your church (select the number of copies on checkout).  Select sample images to preview HERE.

under 100 copies: $5
101-249 copies: $10
250+ copies: $15

Description of What Are We Doing? (to order the booklets, click HERE)

"What was that all about?" wonders your visitor. With What Are We Doing? in hand, the guest or the newcomer can figure out what we are doing at Eucharist. Written in simple, concise language none of the elegant words we love -- unintelligible to the person who does not know our ways --are included. This booklet is also widely used in inquirer's classes and even in confirmation preparation.  


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