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When Did We See You (e-Book)

When Did We See You (e-Book)

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Downloadable PDF files with a reproduction and use license for a single church


by Phyllis Vos Wezeman and Colleen Aalsburg Wiessner
This e-book offers sixty learning activities (in six chapters) to help fourth to eighth graders see Jesus by meeting the needs of those around them. The learning activities are introduced by scripture and organized into three parts that help leaders learn more about the specific need, locate the necessary supplies, and lead the young people through step-by-step activities. These include discussions, storytelling, letter-writing campaigns, scavenger hunts, role-play, puppetry, crafts, music, research projects and a variety of games.

The e-book (a PDF file) includes teaching scripts, resource suggestions, and reproducible  masters. Using the parable of the last judgment (Matthew 25:35-45), "When Did We See You?" helps children recognize that people in need are not always remote from them. In fact, they are often family members, classmates, or neighbors; perhaps even themselves.

The six sections are:

  • I was Hungry
  • I was Thirsty
  • I was a Stranger
  • I was Poor
  • I was Sick
  • I was Imprisoned

"When Did We See You" is easily adaptable to a multitude of situations

  • Sunday School
  • Youth groups
  • Summer programs
  • Service organizations
  • Home

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